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We believe that the French way of life is best practiced at the "Méditerranée" where climate, culture and lifestyle vibrantly come together. It is there where the unique flavor, color and taste of the Mediterranean rosé suits as the perfect wine for sharing this "joie de vivre".


MED Rosé is the wine that seduces you to enjoy this feeling of Mediterranean Madness embodied by sun, sea and luxury.


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MED is produced at the estate of Camparnaud, which has over 300 years of tradition in making wines in one of the best environments of the Provence; the green "Var" area. Here, in the middle of breathtaking surroundings with villages such as Le Thoronet, Carcès and Entrecasteaux, this 40 acres estate produces top level wines, renowned in gastronomy around Europe.


With MED we wanted to create a wine where the passion and skill of our winemaking team would blend with an elegant and fine touch of fruit, which perfectly matches Mediterranean life…



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